Teri Bennett
Canadian Contemporary Fine Artist

Teri Bennett

Hi and welcome to my website, which I finally, after much encouragement have created!

 I was born in Manitoba and moved to Labrador when I was quite young. Over my childhood we travelled across the country from East Coast to West Coast. I was struck by the diversity and beauty of our country.. so different from province to province. Inspired and influenced by my outdoorsman father, I developed an enduring love of nature; spending all my spare time drawing and painting it! I work in oils, encaustics and more recently, pastels. I just like to play with colour in any form it comes in!

I am largely self taught but have been influenced by many of the great Canadian impressionists. I think my work reflects that, as I'm not so much interested in realistic representation as I am my personal impression of a subject.


As a professional horticulturalist, I am always outside, watching things grow, marvelling at how the light plays on everything, admiring and examining the variety of beautiful shapes and colours that nature has in abundance;  eager to get a moment to pull out paints and explore what I see and feel! Inspiration is Everywhere!!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Cheers, Teri