Teri Bennett
Canadian Contemporary Fine Artist


(posted on 15 Jan 2020)

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the Empourium show has been postponed for a week due to the snowstorm. (I'm actually happy because I wasnt looking forward to loading my paintings into the back of my truck and driving in the snow..) hopefully this doesn't inconvenience anyone?!   So the group show (myself and Brent Birney) will start on the 24th of January instead of the 17th.  Maybe I'll get the Bushtit painting finished by then.. 

(posted on 11 Jan 2020)

Haha, well it took almost two weeks to get things entered.. deleted.. reentered... well you get the picture. I think I have it mostly set up with a few kinks to figure.. the web host is going to change my domain name tomorrow which will make it easier to access should anyone want to look me up.. Now I can focus again on art.. I have a piece on the easel.. a big one .. of birds (bushtits) playing in the birdbath. I have been fixated on this birdbath for a few years now, sketching it, painting it.. photographing it. There's something about the textures of the concrete, water, foliage, and then of course the colours..  I just want to explore it, with pastel and line. Looking forward to carving out some time to do that.  cheers.

(posted on 31 Dec 2019)

Well, the day has arrived.. I've been talking about setting up a website, asked about whether I have a website, and been told I should get a website... so here it is (well, here it begins, I believe there'll be a bit of a learning curve).

I think for so many artists, this is a real stumbling block. For myself, I know I just want to paint. I don't want to sit in front of a computer learning new words and trying to follow instructions.. But I have to say, this website? "ArtSites.ca" is really helping. Making it a lot more intuitive and navigatable (sp.?)  

I think what I'm hoping to gain here is  a recorded,  visual inventory of my work.  it's nice to see where I've come from and where I'm heading. If not for selling, for learning and improving. I think the website will be an important tool in my progress as a visual artist.. A new way to start the new year rather than my usual list of resolutions. Ok. Here goes.....

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