Teri Bennett
Canadian Contemporary Fine Artist


(posted on 11 Jan 2020)

Haha, well it took almost two weeks to get things entered.. deleted.. reentered... well you get the picture. I think I have it mostly set up with a few kinks to figure.. the web host is going to change my domain name tomorrow which will make it easier to access should anyone want to look me up.. Now I can focus again on art.. I have a piece on the easel.. a big one .. of birds (bushtits) playing in the birdbath. I have been fixated on this birdbath for a few years now, sketching it, painting it.. photographing it. There's something about the textures of the concrete, water, foliage, and then of course the colours..  I just want to explore it, with pastel and line. Looking forward to carving out some time to do that.  cheers.