Teri Bennett
Canadian Contemporary Fine Artist


Well... where did all the time and enthusiasm go? I sold the bird bath in February after finishing it.. I sometimes need time with a piece before letting it go..  didn't happen with this painting, and I havent really done anything since. I have a fear of not being able to become as engaged, silly I know.. but it happens. So, many months went by before I even pulled out the pastels. I have recently been working with them a little more and have an idea swirling about, but I'm finding it hard to settle on how I want the image to look. I had an experience.. in the middle of the night, when I was in and out of sleep and dreams; when I heard owls caterwauling outside my window.. I awoke to a shadow of an owl crossing over me .. it was eerie and wonderful simultaneously. I SOOO want to capture the moment and feeling, but so far it is eluding me.. I will post the progress